Internet Auction Software

Quick Facts

HiBid is the name of Auction Flex's Integrated Web Service and Internet Bidding Solution. HiBid is unique in that it is both a private-label solution and a portal. For an example of HiBid being used for a private-label solution, check out this sample company website (screenshot below).

Lot Detail

To view the HiBid portal and all HiBid customer auctions, check out


HiBid can be used to power your website no matter where your website is hosted. We start by creating a template based on your existing website (the template is completely free). We then provide you 3 special links to use from your website. These 3 links are for:

  1. Upcoming Auctions with or without internet bidding
  2. Past Auctions
  3. Email List Subscribe / Unsubscribe

With these links in place you literally never need to manually update your website again.

Should you prefer to manually update your website with your upcoming auctions you can directly link into your catalog on the HiBid web service.

How Do Auctions Get Uploaded / Downloaded?

Auction Flex and HiBid were built from the ground up to work together seamlessly. To upload an auction you simply build the auction in the Auction Flex auction management software, click upload and set a few options. HiBid will show both catalogued auctions and non-catalogued auctions. You can have images on all lots, some lots, no lots, or just preview images for the auction. It's up to you as to how much you want to include.

At the conclusion of any online bidding (not required), simply click a button within Auction Flex and all your bidders and bids are downloaded - instantly and effortlessly.

What About Internet Bidding?

The HiBid platform supports three different types of internet bidding:

  1. Webcast Live Bidding - allows internet bidders to bid live against floor bidders.
  2. Internet-Only Bidding - this type of auction is conducted completely online.
  3. Internet Absentee Bidding - used for pre-bidding prior to a live auction.

To see first-hand how the internet bidding works please visit our sample company website and feel free to register and place bids. To schedule a webcast demo simply contact us.